“Sonia Porras” Dance Academy began operations in Seattle, Washington, in January 1994, under the direction of Mrs. Sonia Porras Nino de Guzman, Five-times National/World Champion of Marinera, renowned Peruvian folk dances teacher with many years of experience, and with a cultural and artistic career worldwide. During all these years, the Academy and its Dance Group have developed a valuable artistic work, proudly showing the art and culture of our beloved country.

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To promote, perform and teach Peruvian folklore as well as the artistic and cultural wealth of our country in the United States and other countries. The philosophy that inspired the creation of the Academy of Peruvian Folk Dances aims to lifelong desire to promote Peruvian folklore and train students identified with our culture.

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1. To promote, perform and teach dances from different regions of Peru in educational, social and cultural entities of the United States.
2. Facilitate, foster and participate in artistic development projects oriented mainly to the preservation of the Marinera, as well as the proper education.
3. Develop and / or implement activities and research projects, educational, cultural and social support.
4. Organize artistic and cultural events that contribute to the promotion of Peruvian Folklore.
5. Provide counseling services for the development of events oriented to promoting cultural and artistic aspects of our country.

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