As a small child,
she began to discover
her artistic talents

As an actress, dancer, and host for children’s radio and television programs. The Marinera dance, however, became her true passion. I n 1972, she achieved her first national championship in the children’s category of the Marinera, subsequently winning the junior category in 1976, followed by the adult category in 1981, and ultimately earning the title of Champion of Champion in 1992. She became the only four-time national champion of the Marinera and kept this title for many years. More recently (2017), for winning the Master Category, she was declared “Five Time National and World Marinera Champion.” With her elegant, graceful, and alluring dance, Sonia has seduced and enchanted both national and international audiences in all of her presentations, transmitting the message of our Marinera to all. Our national four-time Marinera champion has been an excellent trainer of new Marinera champions, and through her dance groups in the United States and Peru, she has carried our folklore to many corners of the world. Throughout her artistic career, Sonia received many awards and recognitions for her work and dedication, and she represented Peru in many international events held in a number of cities of the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Sonia’s artistic and educational formation was a very solid and professional one. In addition to cultivating our folkloric dances, she also began dancing at the age of 14 for the ballet group of the National Institute of Culture of La Libertad and was one of the youngest instructors of ballet and classical dance for the National School of Ballet. Since she arrived in the United States, Sonia has had a leading role in the development and growth of the Marinera in different states around the country, leading to her support and involvement in the organization of the first International Marinera Competition which was held in the city of Los Angeles. As a brilliant artist Sonia has inspired her students and followers, creating new champions and teachers to follow in her footsteps.

By dedicating her entire life to teaching and increasing exposure to our native Peruvian dances, Sonia Porras has become widely renowned for her artistic and cultural career.

  • 1972 Children’s category of the Marinera

    Champion with Julio Joy Meza - 1972
  • 1976 Junior category

    Champion with Julio Joy Meza - 1976
  • 1981 Adult category

    Champion with Juan Molina Napuri - 1981
  • 1992 Champion of Champion category

    Champion with Nestor Ruiz Gil - 1992
  • 2017 Master category

    Champion with Nestor Ruiz Gil - 2017
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Trujillo - Perú 2018

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